What is a Photobook?

Photo albums are things of the past! Also, almost everything has gone digital.  People have become smarter in saving and investing on their resources that even the compilation of their fondest memories was made sure to last a lifetime. 

Gone are the days when people cut-and-paste their pictures and store everything to their photo albums.  What most of us are not aware of is that this old practice damages the quality of the image and photo paper over time. 
Treasuring precious moments is what pictures are about. This year, we introduce a better way to make all of your photos for keeps – Photo Book.

Photobook is a more presentable collection of your digital photographs in a book-form where photo images are printed on pages of the book itself.  The book uses high-quality kind of paper that may have matte or glossy texture bound by gluing, sewing, or stapling– which depends on the number of pages or your preference.  It may also have hard or leather cover that completes a professional photobook binding finish. 

Printing pictures in pages is one way; scrapbooking is another. 

People can do much more with photobooks, such as:  scrapbooking, customizing layouts, and story-flow designing are all possible with photo books. 

FlashWink is a software that does all those interesting design tools, which makes photo books fun to create and share.Our software is a photobook publisher packed with user-friendly optionsmaking anybody the author of their own photo book artwork. 

Here’s how you do it:

FlashWink (the software) includes specialized and high-end covers together with printing options.  The good thing about our software is that people can use it even offline!  The book creation software may be installed on your computer avoiding the hassle of uploading photographs.

If you are worried about lay-outing designs from a single image to multiple collage forms, FlashWink will assist you in managing and organizing your photographs in no time.  In fact, it offers pre-designed lay-outs for text that allows you to put one line ora paragraph in case you want to include captions on your images.  You may also choose themes for formal photo memory books, vacation photo books, casual photo books, story photo books, recipe photo books and even use them as portfolios.

In addition, FlashWink provides the option to use your own image as background. Your image may be stretched to full-bleed high resolution that runseven on the edges of the books’ pages! 

Its finishing options are available to suit the size that you wish ---small and medium photo books in full-color gloss laminated card cover and large photobooks in classic hard cover with photo window option available in black, red, blue, green and brown colors. Additional cover options of FlashWink include wire bound, classic card cover, image-wrap hard cover; plus, page lamination is possible!

We see to it that FlashWink provides the best options in terms of making photo books.  It stimulates a great interest among photography enthusiasts as it makes pictures worth nkeeping and sharing.  Photo books may also be used for corporate events, weddings, birthdays, proms, reunions, holiday parties, trade shows, graduation celebrations and even when you just want to publish your own pictorial.

Lastly, FlashWink may be operated home-based, which makes it a very good income-generating resource – either fulltime or part time. Click here to learn more.

So wink, click, and print today! Ahuge potential market eyes on this kind of service since digital advances have found its place on peoples’ picture madness!